Last minute couchsurfing!

03,Nov, 2017  – Liverpool- Manchester- Leeds – Cloudy and Rain    5~10°C

When I was in Manchester, I was ready to buy a tent to camp somewhere, since my couchsurfing request didn’t got any response in that area for a few days. I don’t like to send multiple requests in one city, because I feel it is not respectful if the hosts all accept to host me.  

When I was in U.S and Mexico, I use couchsurfing to meet the most wonderful people I ever meet,   many of couchsurfing friends now are my lifetime friends! This time I left my tent in South Italy, Because of I am traveling solo, I think in Europe there is people everywhere, and the weather is not nice for camping. I don’t want to be isolated by myself, I like to be more close to the people, to meet people, to understand how people live there. 

But this time, I find out it’s kind of difficult to get a couchsurfing in UK.  Most of my requests didn’t get reply, So I was just waiting and waiting. Then became passive.

It was a really last minute, I sent the message to Alex in Leeds in the morning, Alex made a very quick declined, since he is already made a plan for his weekend. I said, it’s ok, I am doing to buy a tent, start camping. 

When I was on my way to outdoor shop, Alex send me his location and mobile number, tell me, “It is too cold, just come.”

At that moment, I feel that is why we on couchsurfing.  It is a platform to help and meet travelers. To exchange ideas, knowledges. To have a better communication between each others. Not just a free place to sleep.

I hope still some people are holding the true meaning of couchsurfing. 

I bought my tent in anyway, because I still need a back up plan for my next journey.