I went to a fake English House! 


After about 2 hours ride in the rain and cold, I finally arrive Alex’s house in Leeds. In dinner room, I see a typical Chinese hotpot is ready. His roommates Lukes and Xavier both are using chopsticks. 

Because of me, Alex changed his plan with his friend for the weekend. On second day, Alex show me the centre of Leeds. Explain me the architecture

difference of Victoria Queen period and George King period, we went to museum , I saw a mummy “took” by British traveler from Egypt to Leeds since 1820. I saw another mummy when I was in the museum of Cambridge.  So I guess, that one was also “took” from Egypt.

In the night, Alex made steam crabs and chicken wings. Next day, Alex made Youtiao, steamed bread and crab porridge. 

All of these, just amazing, I feel like I went to a fake English house. Even in China, I never had this kind of experience.

Alex told me, He want to make a small cafe, because of he really like cuisine. All kinds of cuisines, not just Chinese. He also like to do some private tour, touring more Chinese visitors to experience more English lifestyle. However his background is IT. 

I hope everyone could approach their dream. Doing the job is what they like to do, our time is the most valuable thing.