Drink with Father Paul

After been with Alex in Leeds for a few days, I traveled to Lake District via Durham and Newcastle. Alex told me in Lake District I should stay with his friend Paul. Until arrive to Ulverston, I didn’t know that Paul is the Priest of a church. 

Father Paul’s residency is connected to the church. The house was built 200 years ago, 

I was surprised that I could drink alcohol here in the church. Actually the beer in Europe has a long history, because of the water was not clean long time ago, so people just brew the water to beer. Especially those monks, right now the famous beer in Belgium still made from temples. 

While I arrived, father Paul prepared fish and chips, Qin tonic and some beers. I could never imagine I could drink and watch some TV shows with a Priest. 

Father Paul is very knowledgeable, he explain to me a lot of my questions about England and English culture. 

Ulverston is a very quite town in Lake District. Walking down the street feel like in a movie set.

After stayed with Paul for 2 nights, on Sunday morning, I left to Lancaster via a “Semi Enduro”riding with some riders from Durham , In the night, I stayed with the most “Chinese” English family.