Into another “fake” English home 


I met with Shuan and his friends from Durham, we rode together into the Lake District. 

It was very beautiful.  Some road I feel dangerous for me to keep the balance. But I made it by the end.

We separated before sunset, in the night, I arrive Jamie and Laura’s house in Lancaster.


I stayed with them for another two nights, I felt like the life style they have are more asian than me. 

They used to live in China for 2 years, a while in South Wast Asia and traveling in South America. 

They all love asian food, they cook Chinese food better than me. But this time, we team up, I read the recipe from some Chinese website, then told them what to do. We made a great banquet. 

I just stayed with them for two nights, I hope I could spend more time with them, because we really had a great time together!!